Deliver your milestones

Fewer than 1 in 10 make it

How can today’s investors, Biotech start-ups and mid to large Pharma companies make the odds more favourable? Factors other than efficacy and safety play a significant role.

Higher thresholds for technological innovation, spiralling costs, unforeseen developmental hurdles and the demanding rigor of meeting regulatory requirements in different countries all add to the complexity and uncertainty of the development process.

At cddi, we have been working through this changing world of Life Sciences seeing successful product launches and learning from failed clinical programs. We believe that these daunting odds against success can be improved by deploying hands-on people, with deep know-how; by directed team efforts with a speed and focus; and by structured risk management of business assets.

What challenges are you facing now?

Making your cash stretch further? Getting your lead drug candidate to the next milestone? Convincing potential licensees that your data holds up to scrutiny? Delivering an approvable IMPD/IND or registration application to the agencies?


Remember, fewer than 1 in 10 make it from IND to market. We have the prescription to help...