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Other activities

CDDI's Evidence-based approach to protocol Feasibility (EbF) is embedded in the company's DNA, with several activities incorporating a similar 'evidence-based' take on feasibility:

Founded on the extensive experience within our team, our capabilities cover a wide range of other activities as well:

  • Patient recruitment strategies

  • Root cause analyses for failing protocols

  • Process reengineering / optimization

  • Coaching of clinical teams

  • Project management for BioTechs

  • Design and execution of Phase 1/2 protocols

  • Manage CROs for Phase 2 protocols


Real-world evidence, specifically for your protocol

Our evidence-based feasibility activities are based on real-world data, obtained retrospectively and tailored to each individual project. It can be applied to different stages of your protocol:  

Concept feasibility

  • High level: is there a medical need, do patients exist, etc

Protocol feasibility

  • Conducted on a "robust" draft protocol synopsis

  • Identifies barriers to execution e.g. inclusion / exclusion criteria and enables changes to be made before protocol finalization 

Country selection

  • Many factors, not only an adequate patient population

Site selection

  • Conducted after the synopsis is final (i.e. inclusion / exclusion criteria fixed)

  • Only site proven to have enough patients should be included

If you would like to discuss how we can help you, please contact us here.

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